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Antiquities Advisory Board

Assessment of 1,444 Historic Buildings - Results of the Assessment of 1,444 Historic Buildings

Results of the Assessment of 1,444 Historic Buildings

Photos of Historic Buildings
Part A (Item 1-111) (9.5M)
Part B (Item 112-212) (9.4M)
Part C (Item 213-336) (8.2M)
Part D (Item 337-452) (10.2M)
Part E (Item 453-578) (11.3M)
Part F (Item 579-770) (17.7M)
Part G (Item 771-960) (20.0M)
Part H (Item 961-1154) (20.8M)
Part I (Item 1155-1300) (15.0M)
Part J (Item 1301-1444) (12.3M)


Introduction to 1,444 Historic Buildings


Historic Building Appraisal of 1,444 Historic Buildings
Part I (Item 1-212)
Part II (Item 213-578)
Part III (Item 579-1154)
Part IV (Item 1155-1444)


Location of the Items with confirmed grading can be viewed under Geographical Information System on Hong Kong Heritage


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