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Antiquities Advisory Board


Open Meetings - Questions & Answers

Questions and Answers
Q1: Where will the AAB open meetings be held?
A1: The open meetings of AAB will be held at the Conference Room of the Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre which is situated inside Kowloon Park. See location plan attached.

Q2: Where can I obtain the information about the date of the meeting and the agenda?
A2: A press release will be issued seven days before the meeting. The agenda and discussion papers will be uploaded onto AAB's website (http://www.aab.gov.hk). Limited copies of agenda and discussion papers will be available at the reception desk before the meeting.

Q3: Where can I get the discussion papers before the meeting?
A3: Limited stock of discussion papers (subject to the agreement of authors) will be available for members of the public at the reception desk 30 minutes before the meeting starts.

Q4: If I wish to observe the open meeting of AAB, what should I do?
A4: You should reserve a seat with the Board Secretariat at least one working day before the meeting. The booking can be made by telephone (2655 0809) or by fax (2721 6216).

Q5: Can I reserve more than one seat for other persons?
A5: Yes, you can reserve a maximum of 5 seats.

Q6: If I have not made any reservation in advance, will you allow me to observe the meeting?
A6: The seats are allocated to the members of the public and the press on a first-come-first-served basis by advance booking. Walk-in observers will be entertained only if seats are available.

Q7: What language will be used during the meeting?
A7: The meeting will be conducted in Cantonese or English as determined by the Chairman. Simultaneous interpretation service will not be provided.

Q8: Can I take photographs during the meeting?
A8: Yes. You must not use flash or lighting to take photographs when the meeting is in progress and the taking of photographs must not disturb the proceedings of the meeting.

Q9: Can I ask any question during the meeting?
A9: No. Members of the public should remain seated and keep quiet throughout the meeting.

Q10: Can I leave the meeting at any time?
A10: You may leave the Public Viewing Room at any time. However, you have to register again before re-admission.
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