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About Us - Welcome Message


It is my great honour to serve as the Chairman of the Antiquities Advisory Board. Since joining the Board in 2017, I have been deeply impressed by its professionalism, impartiality and openness. Under the steering of past chairmen and through the invaluable contributions of members, the Board has become an important platform for providing advice, expertise and recommendations to the Government on matters relating to the conservation of built heritage and archaeological sites in Hong Kong, as well as offering a forum to engage the public.

Heritage is bequeathed to us by our ancestors. Not only does it reflect reminiscences of our past, heritage also serves as a carrier of the wisdom, traditions and stories of our community. Through heritage the uniqueness of a place can be sustained and celebrated despite the strong tides of globalisation and standardisation. Our City is so much more sophisticated with the presence of its historic past. I am glad to see a growing interest and involvement of the Hong Kong public in heritage conservation. The Antiquities Advisory Board is committed to working with the Government, stakeholders and the public to preserve and promote the heritage treasures in Hong Kong, and to showcase them to people from all walks of life, both locally and internationally.

Your views and suggestions on heritage conservation are greatly valued. Please join hands with the Antiquities Advisory Board and the Government to take Hong Kong heritage conservation to a new level.

Douglas So, JP
Antiquities Advisory Board
January 2019

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