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Antiquities Advisory Board


Open Meetings - Media Arrangements

Media Arrangements for Open Meetings of the Antiquities Advisory Board
When meetings of Antiquities Advisory Board ("AAB") are open to the public and the media, there are seats reserved for the media in the Press Room and the Public Viewing Room. Seats are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.
Arrangements for the Media
Press Notice
2. A press release listing the date of the forthcoming meeting and the meeting agenda is normally issued 7 days before the meeting through the Information Services Department. However, it should be noted that there may be last minute changes.

Agenda and Discussion Papers
3. The open meeting agenda and discussion papers are available on the AAB's website (http://www.aab.gov.hk) normally 7 days before the meeting.

Press Registration
4. Media representatives should register at the reception desk. They will be issued press badges /labels and are required to display them prominently within the precincts of the venue.

Television Coverage
5. Media representatives of television and news organisations may film the proceedings of the meeting at the Press Room or Public Viewing Room as advised by officers of the Secretariat Press Office. However, use of TV lighting is not allowed when filming in the Press Room.

Sound Recording
6. Media representatives may use the sound box provided by the venue to record the proceedings of meeting. Media representatives should bring along their own recording cords.

Still Photography
7. Photographers in the Press Room may take pictures of the meeting with the use of flashlight before a meeting starts. Once the meeting is in progress, they may take pictures without using flash or lighting. When the room is full, the venue staff will monitor the situation and may refuse entry to it for safety reasons.

8. Photographers working for AAB Secretariat have priority in using the Press Room for taking photographs.
Other Arrangements
Interviews with Members, Government Officials and Members of the Public
9. Media representatives who wish to interview AAB Chairman and Members or Government officials before or after a meeting should do so at designated locations subject to prior arrangement with officers of Secretariat Press Office on condition that the interview is related to AAB business.

10. Media representatives who wish to interview Government officials or other attendants of a meeting can use the open courtyard or the corridor outside the Public Viewing Room without blocking the passageway.

11. Media representatives wishing to interview members of the public should do so outside the Heritage Discovery Centre (“HDC”).

Pagers and Mobile Phones
12. Media representatives must turn off the beeping devices of their pagers and mobile phones when attending AAB meetings and should not answer any phone calls in the meeting venue.

13. Media representatives are subject to compliance with any house rules applicable to HDC.

1. The above arrangements are subject to revision as necessary without prior notice.
2. Media representatives are requested to co-operate with venue staff and follow their instructions while in the venue. They are also advised to note the Guidelines and Rules for Observing Open Meetings of the Antiquities Advisory Board for necessary compliance where appropriate.

Secretariat, Antiquities Advisory Board
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