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Antiquities Advisory Board


Open Meetings - Guidelines and Rules for Observation of Meeting

Guidelines and Rules for Observing Open Meetings of the Antiquities Advisory Board
Members of the public observing the open meetings of the Antiquities Advisory Board ("AAB") should read and comply with the following notes and rules. The AAB Secretariat may refuse to allow any person to observe the meeting if he/she fails or refuses to follow any of the rules.
Observation Venue
2. AAB meetings are normally held at the Conference Room of the Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre (“HDC”) at Kowloon Park, Haiphong Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. Members of the public are welcome to observe the open meetings of AAB at the Public Viewing Room.
Press Notice
3. Press release and agenda of an open meeting will be issued normally seven days before the meeting.
Agenda and Discussion Papers
4. The open meeting agenda and discussion papers are available on the AAB's website (http://www.aab.gov.hk) normally seven days before the meeting.
Seat Reservation
5. Any person who wishes to observe an open meeting or any part of it is recommended to reserve seat with AAB Secretariat after the issue of the agenda. The booking should be made at least one working day before the meeting by:
  • (a) telephone (2655 0847); or
  • (b) fax (2721 6216)

6. Each person may reserve a maximum of five seats.

7. The following information must be provided for each booking:
  • (a) name(s) of observer(s); and
  • (b) contact telephone number(s).

8. The Public Viewing Room can accommodate a maximum of 50 observers. The seats are allocated through advance booking on a first-come-first-served basis.

9. In case that the seats for a meeting are fully booked, AAB Secretariat will inform those persons whose reservations of seats cannot be entertained.

10. Walk-in observers will be entertained only when seats are available.

11. Registered observers are required to report their arrival at the venue 15 minutes before the scheduled time of meeting. In case he/she fails to turn up at the venue five minutes before the meeting, his/her booking will be released for those walk-in observers, if any.
Seating Arrangements
12. Before entering the Public Viewing Room, a registered observer must report his arrival with AAB Secretariat at the reception desk for verification and record purposes.

13. After verification, each observer will be issued with a visitor badge. He/She must display this badge prominently within the precincts of the HDC.

14. The Public Viewing Room will be opened around 15 minutes before the scheduled meetings. An observer may leave the room at any time at his/her discretion. Any observer who has left the Public Viewing Room is required to register again at the reception desk before re-admission to the room.
The Proceedings
15. The proceedings of the open meeting of AAB will be broadcast simultaneously on display screens installed in the Public Viewing Room.

16. The meeting will be conducted in Cantonese or English as determined by the Chairman. No simultaneous interpretation service is available for observers.

17. All observers must leave the Public Viewing Room when the open session is concluded.
Order and Behaviour
18. All observers must
  • (a) dress properly and behave in an orderly manner;
  • (b) turn off the beeping devices of pagers and mobile phones;
  • (c) be seated as directed by officers of the Secretariat or the venue staff;
  • (d) NOT record or film inside the Public Viewing Room (except media representatives) ;
  • (e) NOT bring bulky baggage to the open meeting. The venue staff may refuse the entry of any observer into the Public Viewing Room if there is reason to believe that his/her entry is likely to cause a nuisance;
  • (f) NOT clamour or chant slogans;
  • (g) NOT display any sign, message or banner;
  • (h) NOT drink, eat or smoke; and
  • (i) comply with directions given by officers of the Secretariat or the venue staff for the purpose of keeping order.

19. Any observer who fails/refuses to follow any of the above rules or causes any disturbance to the observation of the meeting will be required to leave the Public Viewing Room immediately.

20. All observers are also subject to compliance with any house rules applicable to the HDC.
Minutes of Meeting
21. The minutes of the open meeting will be uploaded onto the AAB's Website after confirmation by AAB at its next meeting.
22. Any enquiry on the above rules and regulations may be addressed to the Secretariat of AAB.

Secretariat, Antiquities Advisory Board
Address : 136 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel : 2655 0847
Fax : 2721 6216
Email: enquiry@aab.gov.hk

1. The above arrangements are subject to revision as necessary without prior notice.
2. Observers are requested to co-operate with venue staff and follow their instructions while within the venue.

Secretariat, Antiquities Advisory Board
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