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Open Meetings - Questions & Answers

Questions and Answers
Q1: Where will the AAB open meetings be held?
A1: The open meetings of AAB will be normally held at the Conference Room of the Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre which is situated inside Kowloon Park. See location plan attached.

Q2: Where can I obtain the information about the date of the meeting and the agenda?
A2: Press release and agenda of an open meeting will be issued normally seven days before the meeting. The agenda and discussion papers will be uploaded on the AAB's website ( normally seven days before the meeting.

Q3: If I wish to observe the open meeting of AAB, what should I do?
A3: You should reserve a seat with AAB Secretariat at least one working day before the meeting. The booking can be made by telephone (2655 0847) or by fax (2721 6216).

Q4: Can I reserve more than one seat for other persons?
A4: Yes, you can reserve a maximum of 5 seats.

Q5: If I have not made any reservation in advance, will you allow me to observe the meeting?
A5: The seats are allocated to the members of the public and the press on a first-come-first-served basis by advance booking. Walk-in observers will be entertained only if seats are available.

Q6: What language will be used during the meeting?
A6: The meeting will be conducted in Cantonese or English as determined by the Chairman. Simultaneous interpretation service will not be provided.

Q7: Can I take photographs during the meeting?
A7: Yes. You must not use flash or lighting to take photographs when the meeting is in progress and the taking of photographs must not disturb the proceedings of the meeting.

Q8: Can I ask any question during the meeting?
A8: No. Members of the public should remain seated and keep quiet throughout the meeting.

Q9: Can I leave the meeting at any time?
A9: You may leave the Public Viewing Room at any time. However, you have to register again before re-admission.
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